Ultraray Group Inc. provides custom racing counterweights. Put weight where you need it and gain a competitive edge. We develop weight systems for balance of power applications or to strictly achieve minimum weight. Lead racing weights help balance your vehicle and meet weight regulatory requirements. Improper balance can make the most accurate suspension systems feel worthless and severely impact your vehicle’s performance.

When designing your system, we consider the weight of all materials used to construct the car: roll cage, engine, transmission, driver’s seat, fuel tank, weight of full fuel tank, oil, tires, the weight of the driver, weight of driver’s equipment, and any other applicable items.

Ultraray customizes the weight and bin to any shape or size required for your vehicle to conform to race series homologation. Our systems are designed for ease of use, flexibility, and to maintain the lowest center of gravity. We can also design systems that can be adjusted on the fly; allowing for additional design flexibility.

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