Lead counterweights in every size, shape and quantity you can imagine.

Because of its density, lead counterweights are an ideal material for ballast – either for weight distribution or as a counterweight.

At Ultraray Metals, we’re pleased to always provide the level of material supply, project management, consulting or partnership that works best for you.

With three manufacturing facilities and several additional warehouse locations across North America, our foundry direct advantage ensures only the best in quality matched to production capacity and custom engineering expertise that is unrivalled. Our in-house machining and shipping experts will deliver even the most demanding lead counterweight projects on spec, on budget, and on time.


Ultraray Metals supplies lead counterweights for all swing and lift bridges.

Pictured in the renderings above is the Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project currently underway in the heart of Victoria, British Columbia. Ultraray Metals is proud to be a lead counterweight supply partner to one of the world’s largest single-leaf bascule bridges.

Ultraray bridge weights:

We’ll work with you to design, engineer and fabricate any lead bridge counterweight you require. With foundry direct capacity, no project is too big or too small!

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Retrofit your elevators to increase capacity with lead elevator counterweights by Ultraray Metals.

Ultraray elevator counterweights:

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Custom or production lead forklift counterweights to your exact specifications by Ultraray Metals.

Ultraray forklift counterweights:

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Ultraray Metals supplies and manufacturers ballast and counterweights for all marine applications.

Ultraray marine ballast weights:

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Ultraray Metals mine shaft counterweight solutions perform in even the toughest of environments.

Ultraray mine shaft weights:

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